Rakesh Gupta

Rakesh Gupta is a Mumbai based 3 times Salesforce MVP, evangelist with experience in Salesforce as a Developer, Consultant, and Solution Architect. Best known as an automation champion in the Salesforce ecosystem, as he has written over 110 articles on Visual Workflow and Process Builder to show how someone can use Visual Workflow and Process Builder to minimize code usage. He is also the initiator of a biweekly online webinar, Automation Hour (http://www.automationhour.com).

He is the author of following books
1) Developing Application with Salesforce Chatter
2) Salesforce.com Customization Handbook
3) Learning Salesforce Visual Workflow – First Edition
4) Mastering Salesforce CRM Administration
5) Learning Salesforce Visual Workflow and Process Builder – Second Edition (Upcoming)

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