Gold Sponsor: Geopointe

Geopointe location-enables Salesforce allowing customers to apply geography to business processes and streamline efficiencies to better understand the where in their data.

Every member of your team can benefit from using Geopointe. Executives and operations teams use it to manage territories and analyze data geographically leveraging heat maps and thematic maps to uncover hidden trends enabling organizations to understand their data like never before. Marketers can use Geopointe to create quick and easy, geographically targeted campaigns by searching both standard and custom objects. With the click of a button, add your mapped search results to a new campaign and analyze campaign results by layering data such as trade show leads, company size and industry to strategize your next move. Sales and field teams maximize their time in the field with Geopointe because it helps them plan trips and quickly find nearby accounts, opportunities, leads or partners to make that trip as productive as possible.They can even record notes directly from their mobile device using Salesforce1. Have a meeting cancellation? No problem. Geopointe can help locate a nearby prospect for an impromptu visit so an empty time slot can turn into a new sales opportunity.

Geopointe is a Salesforce Gold Partner, the #1-rated geolocation application available on AppExchange and a Top 10 app overall. Our 430+ AppExchange reviews and 4.9 rating along with our network of over 1,500 customers worldwide are a testament to our customer-centric culture and quality product. With Geopointe, the opportunities are endless.